Assisting Designers, Architects, Builders

Another way we can help your Company, particularly Interior Designers.

RSV Real Stone Veneer® is a relatively new material with completely different properties compared to tile, marble, granite or Onyx. How so?

In short, as opposed to tile or slab material where you have a monolithic product, ours can be controlled in a number of ways to suit the intended purpose. A finished product will basically consist of 3 parts, the backing, i.e. Acrylic, the surface material - our proprietary RSV Real Stone Veneer® - and the surface treatment to make the stone appear course and shiny, course and flat, smooth or a variety of other ways. Aside from that our product can be literally any size and any shape, one, two or three dimensional (spherical).

So it may take a project or two to get somewhat familiar with the material and process. Our job is to help you with that!

We understand it is not always possible to put us in direct contact with a client however please consider this:

We have been working with this material for a long time.

Designers, Architects and Builders involving us in conjunction with their clients from the beginning of a project are substantially more successful in making a sale than their counterparts trying to make a "lone run" with a product/ material and technology that they are not quite familiar with (yet).

We have seen a number of times where Designers got themselves in a pickle by "imagining" certain results or effects that according to our experience will not or cannot happen.
As an example: Someone recommending our charcoal color veneer and use it with back lighting, promising for it to look like dark Onyx or whatever. This cannot happen due to the nature of the material. There are many other issues particularly with backlit projects where we can be an asset in your sales approach to the client. We will NEVER talk price with YOUR client.

So if we can assist by explaining details to your clients, please let us know! We can definitely help you to a positive turnout and ultimately a happy customer! It will cost you nothing and save you time. In many cases we even can make additional sales by giving people ideas.

We always will operate under the Architect/Designer/Builder guidelines!


Home Builders' Benefit, a value added product

As currently not a whole lot of Builders are incorporating backlit products in their homes the ones who do will have a definite advantage. Backlit items like panels, niches, cornices, ceiling portions will create that WOW effect with potential buyers that can make the difference.