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Residential & Commercial Applications 

RSV Real Stone Veneer® our proprietary surface material

is a Designer's Dream as it can be used to produce literally any size and shape item possibly imaginable.

Designs can be backlit or not

No other stone product will compare to this material! Why?

Let's start with its most intriguing features:

  • Translucence or the Allure of backlit stone
    It closely resembles Onyx. Some say it looks like molten lava, either way, when backlit it looks stunningly beautiful.
    As the material is pretty thin it will need a support backing, which can be any translucent material like glass or plastics.
    The color appearance can be manipulated by using different types of light sources ranging from fluorescent to RGB LED's. In other words, the Design element can be controlled to look like yellow or white Onyx or any other desired color (via remote control)
    Using different lighting techniques like indirect, perimeter controlled, spot or backlighting we can generate a wide variety of effects that definitely will turn peoples' heads.
  • Flexibility
    The material can be applied to flat, 2-dimensional (curved) or 3-dimensional (spherical) surfaces inside or out, in wet or dry areas.
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    3-D 2-D (seamless!)
  • As the material is ultra-thin - almost comparable to wood veneer - it can like wood veneer be used to produce stone inlays of any kind. This is only possible with RSV Real Stone Veneer®. Weight may be a consideration in some highrise structures. Since our material weighs less than tile, highrise applications do not create problems. The material can also be installed seamlessly to give the appearance of a large slab of rock.


Add to this: Durability, weather resistance, esthetics, general appeal and VERSATILITY and there is a NEW product that definitely has "the edge" over marble, granite, Onyx or tile in many ways.

More Technical Information 

So what are typical residential applications?
Of course all of them can be backlit

  • Wall panels - inserted or offset - any shape
  • Niche inserts
  • Columns
  • Stair risers
  • Floor inserts
  • Counter & table tops, backsplashes
  • TV backdrops
  • Vanities
  • Ceiling panels and floating ceilings
  • Cornices
  • Shower walls
  • Wall art
  • Planters (for indoors or out)
  • Interior and exterior wall ornaments
  • Garden, lawn and tree ornaments
  • Driveway lights

We custom design and fabricate.

Most items install out-of-the-box.





RSV Real Stone Veneer® our proprietary surface material is derived from natural sandstone formations.

When backlit the material closely resembles the looks of Onyx.

Major benefits:

Time saving and easy installation compared to other slab materials

No special structural support necessary

 High visual impact especially when backlit

Indoor & out, wet & dry, hot & cold

Various finishes, sealers or laminates (class A)

Backlighting will enable a multitude of colors

 Versatility in applications (2-D, 3-D), any shape, any size

Completely seamless applications (not possible with other stone materials)

Light weight thus ideal for highrise apps





More technical aspects . . .
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more colors can be seen here

yellow onyx yellow-onyx-vs-rsv


or Out

 stone veneer indoors

stone veneer outdoors

New Construction or Remodel

 stone veneer new construction


A little stylish

A little punchy
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LiteRokk™ Boxes
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 Your vision + our creativity = exceptional result

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