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Our newest development is a 3 in 1 multi-purpose design element whereas ONE AND THE SAME PIECE can be used as:

 Cover for ANY size firebox of any fireplace,




Note: This is not painted, it's actually Stone Inlay work!

 Stunning Wall art (when not in use with a fireplace)




This is just one design of thousands possible





Table base (i.e. as a wall or corner table)





O.k. so you use a fireplace a few months of the year, great. What happens or better what are you looking at for the rest of the year? 



What about turning this black hole into a GORGEOUS DESIGN ELEMENT?
  Now you can cover the firebox opening with a lightweight (less than 15 lbs) REAL STONE VENEER® décor that is custom made to fit any fireplace design, rectangular, arched or however odd shaped, it doesn't matter.   
Running out of unique GIFT IDEAS? Here is the answer, as unique and personal as it can get!  
Our fireplace covers make for a stunning unique gift that will be looked at every single day and remind the recipient of the friend or family member who gave this present. 

Order your Gift Certificate here.
We take care of the rest - shipment to the recipient and getting the dimensions from him/her, etc.

We also send a gift card to the recipient with an image.


Basic Fireplace cover: Call for Quote

Up to size 36" wide, 31" high; rectangular, no Inlay Design; Real Stone Veneer over Polyvinyl plate; thickness approx. 1/2"

Hardware included to attach the ComboRokk™ Fireplace Cover.

Custom cut to fit your fireplace opening - included

Have a larger fireplace? Please ask for quote


  It gets even better! Here are the options that no one else can offer:   
Backlit Fireplace Cover: Call for Quote


Up to size 36" wide, 31" high; rectangular, no Inlay Design; Real Stone Veneer over Acrylic plate and Polyvinyl back; thickness approx. 3",

Custom cut to fit your fireplace opening - included

Lightsource: LED low voltage - included

RGB LED's (optional) This feature comes with a 40+ button programmable remote to let you change colors & effects at you heart's desire. Favorites are yellow and white.

All parts included, transformer, wiring, hardware to attach the ComboRokk™ Fireplace Cover.

Have a larger fireplace? Please ask for quote

Price depending on complexity

Custom Stone Inlay Design

Create your own design from shapes like waves, squares, circles to characters, initials, even a Texas State outline or star or whatever else you can dream up.


See example on top


Hardware to hang ComboRokk™

During winter or times when you will use your fireplace, you can "convert" your fireplace cover into an extraordinary backlit wall ornament or wall art by simply hanging it like you would any other picture.

Hardware included with every unit to hang the piece on a wall - same as a picture

Table Coversion Kit

Using this kit you can easily convert the ComboRokk™ Fireplace Cover to a side table or pedestal of sorts with a backlit base.

Tabletop not included
it can be glass or other material of your choice.

If you like a matching backlit table top we can do that as well. Please ask for quote.

How to order

As there are many different firebox/ fireplace sizes, shapes and design choices, please contact us.

We will then send you a worksheet to get your specifics.

Upon return of your specifications we will send you a quote and if accepted, fabricate the piece for you within 3 weeks (as per current work load, this number may change)