We'd love to give you a definitive square footage price but we can't.


As opposed to tile, granite, marble, wallpaper and other materials our product is NOT monolithic. In other words, you buy a tile, you get a tile and there is nothing you can change on that item, period.

We manufacture COMPLETE custom product for more or less complex projects involving a host of different components. In case of our proprietary Real Stone Veneer Surface for example this entails already 3 elements for the surface only (veneer material, backing, surface treatment), all of which can be altered to achieve the desired effect and application.

Add to that the layout of the feature, a variety of different lighting components, heat sinks, controllers, wiring, hardware, desired maintainability, size and other requirements you may see that it is virtually impossible to provide an average figure.

So if you want a meaningful number please submit your specs or sketch here to receive a quote within 48 business hrs. possibly less.


What can affect the pricing?

  • size (cross lamination)
  • seamless application
  • stone inlay work – any pattern, logo, characters numbers, etc.
  • types and colors of adhesives - to influence desired back lighting color
  • shape - 2-D (wavy), 3-D (spherical) or any other
  • rounded or square lips, borders, parameter moldings and more
  • interior or exterior application (weather seal)
  • wet application (shower stalls, fountains)
  • impact resistance
  • surface lamination
  • special coatings
  • type of lighting
  • future serviceability/ maintenance requirements
  • design/ engineering/ development issues
  • plus many more