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First off our proprietary material RSV Real Stone Veneer® cannot be compared to any other stone related materials as it has completely different properties. Some of them being 3-D flexibility, thickness (ultra thin), light weight, translucence, application methods, shaping, surface adaptations/ finishes and more. We do not sell the raw material.

In short, as opposed to tile or slab material which consists of a rigid, monolithic substance, ours can be controlled in a number of ways to suit the intended purpose.

The visible part of a finished product - the "Real Stone Veneer" part - consists of 3 elements:

The backing, i.e. Acrylic, glass, wood, metal, etc. which can be shaped any possible way from flat to wavy, spherical or anything else.

The surface material - our proprietary RSV Real Stone Veneer® - which can be laid out as desired. Seamless application, altering grain or stone inlay, etc. are no longer an issue.

The surface treatment which makes the stone appear course, glossy, flat or smooth. In order to make surfaces more impact resistant they can be improved by laminating them with glass, Acrylic, lami glass, etc. Laminated surfaces cannot be 2 or 3-dimensional.

All three components can be controlled individually before or during assembly and are cut, joined or applied with state-of-the-art computerized equipment.


After inital introduction to
Stone Veneer USA and
RSV Real Stone Veneer® Products
Read specs & see our galleries to decide whether this type of product is actually usable in your area of activity    
  If suitable for your clients

Order Display Unit for customer presentation (ESSENTIAL).
Purchase Price will be reimbursed with your first order.

This is the most powerful tool to impress your client, whoever that may be.

You feel the material and turn on the light and you know precisely what your finished project will look like.

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Initial client meeting amongst all your chores determine whether our Products may be suitable.

Showing our Display Unit will trigger all kinds of thoughts with your clients and demonstrate that your level of service and competence is superior.

If there is intent to use our product, describe the project to us as early as possible. Send us sketches, specs; give us info whether the client is open to other ideas, also let us know the approx. budget (so we have an idea whether the client is looking for a Chevette or a Bentley), projects can be pretty simple or very complex, our goal is to stay within the stated budget parameters.
  Upon receiving your specs,  we provide info on how to handle the next steps and what to watch out for, advise you of technical aspects and possible idea changes necessary, pricing options, budget numbers and problem areas like future maintenance, etc.    
Finalize project outline Send us agreed upon project specs, change orders, final specs, requirements, tech details, your markup requirements, timeline, etc. Also please let us know who to direct the quote to (you or your client)  
You will receive a Quote within 2 business days Acceptance of quote by you/ your client & signed order with down payment, PO

Feedback to you with lead time.
Remember: estimated lead times depend on orders initiated.

Start of Production You will receive login credentials in order to follow the production process 24/7 online, incl. images    
  Prior to final shipment we email detailed images or videos of all project parts to you, most of the time incl. functionality    
  Final payment prior to shipment    
  Shipment to include all project parts + installation instructions    
Site installation by Contractor/ Designer crew. On larger projects we can supervise. We provide Technical Support by phone or Skype if & as needed Final installation typically is pretty simple and straight forward.