RSV Real Stone Veneer® vs Onyx

Onyx is a great material for sure. Its soothing warm glow emitted when backlit makes for a stimulating ambience in many applications.

RSV Real Stone Veneer® when backlit will create a similar appearance.

Both materials have their place in a number of higher end applications, neither of them will be a fit for every situation.

Here are some comparisons.

  yellow-onyx-vs-rsv yellow onyx
  RSV® Onyx
Warm yellowish glow when backlit Yes Yes
Choice of colors (with backlighting) Many One
Weight (incl. Acrylic) 1 to 2 lbs/ SF 10 to 12 lbs/ SF
Breakability (shattering) No Yes
Substrate complexity None to easy Involved to very involved
Necessary additional support None Depending on slab size
Workability Easy Hard
2-D flexible (small or large radius) Yes No
3-D flexible (small or large spherical) Yes No
Impact resistance High Low
Reparability/ Maintenance Easy Hard to impossible
Transport/ fragility None Considerable
Tooling requirements No machine tools Machine tools
Create stone inlay Yes No
Visible corner joints Minimal Visible
Cold appearance (non-backlit) Sandstone Onyx
Price for Substructure None Considerable
Price (project cost) around 30-40% of Onyx