Lighting gone wrong

Backlighting Gone Wrong

Occasionally we get comments from Designers or Architects like "what can be so hard to put lighting behind Stone, Onyx, etc.?"

Here are some images from Designers and Trades who were asked to fix things gone badly. You be the judge!

backlighting-gone-wrong-01 A seemingly expensive installation where lighting issues were totallly botched. Individual LED nodes visible, bottom row strips on tub seem to have dislocated (not our project).
backlighting-gone-wrong-02 Lighting was certainly not one of the primary concerns on this project (not our project).

A client sent us this photo of a bar in a 5-Star Hotel in Switzerland.

Light source was placed too close to the Onyx and light distribution therefore insufficient. Fluorescent lamps clearly visible.


Placement and power of light source not considering varying translucence (not our project).

 backlighting-gone-wrong-05 Complete mismatch of color temperature to stone material. It was later fixed, changing out hundreds of bulbs (not our project).
backlighting-gone-wrong-06 Fluorescent bulbs clearly visible and distracting, appearance of the stone material ruined (not our project).
backlighting-gone-wrong-07 Mixed light sources placed too closely to the surface. Intended look or botched? You be the judge!
backlighting-gone-wrong-08 Sad to say, but this was one of our clients who insisted to do the lighting herself.


For those of you who want to know more technical issues about this subject:

Drop us a note and we send you all the details you need to know.



Amazing Design Possibilities

Amazing Design Possibilities

just not possible with other stone related materials




Suspended Backlit Real Stone Ceiling

"Designer Wave"

This piece can be scaled as desired.

It could be 3 x 6 ft or 20 x 40 ft, it doesn't matter.

The radius can be changed as well as the wave repeat.



Bar Design 1

Curved Backlit Panels




Bar Design 2


Imagine any possible shape or size, we can do it!



TV Surround

Wall Mounted with media component shelf

Enclosed media storage can be incorporated.

 tv surround02b



Backlit Wine Cellar w/ Pegs

Here's something that just isn't possible with monolithic slabs like Quartz, Onyx or even glass. Our product allows for the ability to drill a multitude of holes without affecting structural integrity. The stainless steel pegs can hold plenty of wine bottles or glass shelving. Maintenance is a breeze as the panels are cut into sections but look seemless when put together. They are removable so the light source can be accessed if needed.


FAQ Products

Frequently asked Questions



General Questions
How difficult is it to install your products?
What makes your products different from others?
How does weight affect a project?
How does your material compare in terms of weight?
Can you produce 3-dimensional (spherical) objects?
Can your products be used outdoors?
Can you fabricate backlighting for shower stalls?
How impact resistant are your products?
What is the largest size project you can produce?
Can you produce seamless applications?
What do you mean by stone inlays?
Do you provide detail drawings for Architects?
If damaged, can your products be repaired?
How do your products compare to Onyx?
Can you help in the design and development stages of a project?

What light source is best for what project?
Can light colors be changed?
What are the warranty aspects of light source elements?
How can light source elements be changed?
What are the space requirements for backlit items?

Payment and Shipping
How can I make sure I get what I bargained for?
How do you ship?
Do you provide free estimates?




How difficult is it to install your products?

We build our products in a way to make installation easy. Due to the relatively light weight no special supports are necessary. We make sure that shipments contain ALL parts necessary to complete a project successfully. All parts meaning finished veneer surfaces, back structures holding the lighting elements, transformers, controllers, wiring, fasteners, installation instructions, the works! In case of backlit features just make sure there is an outlet available. In most cases it takes a few screws, hangers or other fasteners to attach or install our products. We will advise in the quoting process, what is best.

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What makes your products different from others?

The fundamental difference is our unique surface material (RSV Real Stone Veneer®) which is extremely thin, flexible and translucent. Unlike other stone materials it also can be joined seamlessly in order to produce the look of very large single stone blocks. Additionaly it is light weight (half the weight of tile).

It must be attached to some kind of carrier surface, which may be drywall, concrete, Acrylic, glass, metal, wood or almost any other material.

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How does weight affect a project?

Most comparable projects using slab materials like Onyx, crystalline products or certain laminates have to deal with substantial weight issues. Creating support structure, handling and shipping heavy materials and installation will increase the total project cost substatially. Let alone the potential for damage even before installation. On the contrary, our material is light weight, so no special engineering or support structure is needed.

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How does your material compare in terms of weight?

A 10x4' 3/4" thick Onyx slab may weigh in excess of 700 lbs. as oppoosed to a 4x8' sheet of RSV applied to 1/8" thick Acrylic backing with approx. 60 lbs

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Can you produce 3-dimensional (spherical) objects?

As our surface material is flexible, we can wrap it around any shape, spherical or otherwise. Availability of odd shaped carrier materials (PVC, Polycarbonate or Acrylic) can at times pose a challenge.

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Can your products be used outdoors?

Yes, they can be used inside or out, in wet or dry areas and hot or cold climate zones.

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Can you fabricate backlighting for shower stalls?

Absolutely, it should be the wall without plumbing fixtures though, as they might get in the way of the light source. Most light sources can be dimmed, so backlit stone in a shower will provide awesome effects. The only problem:  the water bill may be increasing as people don't want to leave the shower!

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How impact resistant are your products?

This depends solely on the carrier material. In case of 1/8" PVC backing a good hit with a hammer will do to knock a hole in it, if the stone veneer is applied to bulletproof glass, a sledge hammer may chip it a little with no penetration. In other words, impact resistance can be engineered into the project.

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What is the largest size project you can produce?

There is no limitation. As long as the material can fit in containers. Even then we can engineer parts to be pieced together.

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Can you produce seamless applications?

Yes. This is one of the remarkable features of RSV Real Stone Veneer® that it can be joined seamlessly even in large areas. This is absolutely impossible with any other stone material.

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What do you mean by stone inlays?

For a moment think about wood inlay work - usually this is done by cutting and matching different colors of wood veneer and forming a pattern or design - the exact same thing is possible with RSV Real Stone Veneer®. The stone veneer is extremely thin (1/8") so it can be cut into any shape or pattern imaginable. That may be art designs, characters, logos or anything else. And if so desired this inlay can be put on a two or three dimensional (i.e. spherical) surface which is very hard to do with wood. The stone project can then be backlit as well to produce stunning effects.

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Do you provide detail drawings for Architects?

Upon request we furnish detail drawings for our LiteRokk™ Panels and Boxes.

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If damaged, can your products be repaired?

Yes. As opposed to other materials this is actually pretty easy, by cutting out the damaged portion - usually with a carpet knife -, find a patch with similar colors, repair the substrate as needed, add the patch and seal the repaired surface. That's it. Only power tool needed in this case is a $15.00 heat gun.

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How do your products compare to Onyx?

As there is a long list of items, we have compiled a comparison here

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Can you help in the design and development stages of a project?

Absolutely! Actually we advise Designers and Architects all the time to involve us as early as possible - even put us in touch with the end user - so we can collect as much information on a project to make it another "head turner". This is particularly important as most  Professionals are not quite familiar with our material just yet. It is and behaves completely different form other materials such as wallpaper, tile, granite, Onyx and others. It is unique.

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What light source is best for what project?

In principle, the exposure time is what we consider. If a  backlit stone feature is suppposed to be viewed mostly at night hours, less intensive lighting is required. Daylight exposure will require more powerful backlighting. In many cases dimmers can be used to adjust the intensity.

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Can light colors be changed?

Thanks to RGB LED's the colors of lighting and thus the appearance of the stone surface can be changed to a host of different colors. As tastes are very different regarding this issue it is worth pointing out that the most popular stone colors used with RGB applications are White and Yellow thus appearing like white or yellow Onyx. The red's green's blue's are probably more suitable for Bar and Nightclub applications. Either way, the colors can be changed by means of a 40+ button remote control allowing all kinds of different effects and programming.

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What are the warranty aspects of light source elements?

Depending on the location of a backlit feature changing out light source elements can be very expensive. As we are not manufacturing any lighting elements, we and our customers have to rely on respective manufacturer's warranties. We are testing lighting elements constantly for a number of issues but please consider that promises of manufacturers regarding life expectancy are impossible to test. Their standard promise of up to 50 000 hrs. means that If the light is used for 10 hours a day, this test would take 13.7 yrs. The other caution of course is always the "up to" phrase which by definition could be only one hour. Best practice is to plan ahead and make sure that the change of lighting elements is not going to be a major challenge as it is with many Onyx applications.

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How can light source elements be changed?

This again depends on the individual application, however we will engineer the product considering the need for replacement. This can be achieved by selecting certain types of lighting elements to wiring procedures, technical additions and creating easy to reach access points.

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What are the space requirements for backlit items?

Space requirement meaning the space behind the stone veneer/ Acrylic laminate. We strive to achievere uniform and constant backlighting in order to get maximum impact. Therefore we recommend a minimum of 5 inches in case of fluorescent lighting, a minimum of 2.5 inches for LED's and 1 inch for LED panels. Note: The latter will be the hardest one to change out as most of them are custom fabricated for a specific size.

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How can I make sure I get what I bargained for?

At time of purchase clients will receive login credentials in order to access their account (24/7). These accounts will be updated regarding projects as follows: 1) Start of production, 2) weekly production status with images, 3) Images of completed project prior to shipment. This way our customers can follow the production process from start to finish and actually see their product before it is shipped. Only 50% are paid up front. remainder prior to shipment.

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How do you ship?

Smaller packages ship with UPS, larger ones with ABF or R&L, either way we will get a quote for your project before you even make a commitment.

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Do you provide free estimates?

Estimates are free of charge as long as we receive all pertinent information in our facility. You can fax, email or snailmail. If we are required to go on location for planning, engineering, advice, etc. appropriate charges will be applied.

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Project Pricing


We'd love to give you a definitive square footage price but we can't.


As opposed to tile, granite, marble, wallpaper and other materials our product is NOT monolithic. In other words, you buy a tile, you get a tile and there is nothing you can change on that item, period.

We manufacture COMPLETE custom product for more or less complex projects involving a host of different components. In case of our proprietary Real Stone Veneer Surface for example this entails already 3 elements for the surface only (veneer material, backing, surface treatment), all of which can be altered to achieve the desired effect and application.

Add to that the layout of the feature, a variety of different lighting components, heat sinks, controllers, wiring, hardware, desired maintainability, size and other requirements you may see that it is virtually impossible to provide an average figure.

So if you want a meaningful number please submit your specs or sketch here to receive a quote within 48 business hrs. possibly less.


What can affect the pricing?

  • size (cross lamination)
  • seamless application
  • stone inlay work – any pattern, logo, characters numbers, etc.
  • types and colors of adhesives - to influence desired back lighting color
  • shape - 2-D (wavy), 3-D (spherical) or any other
  • rounded or square lips, borders, parameter moldings and more
  • interior or exterior application (weather seal)
  • wet application (shower stalls, fountains)
  • impact resistance
  • surface lamination
  • special coatings
  • type of lighting
  • future serviceability/ maintenance requirements
  • design/ engineering/ development issues
  • plus many more

Assisting Designers

Assisting Designers, Architects, Builders

Another way we can help your Company, particularly Interior Designers.

RSV Real Stone Veneer® is a relatively new material with completely different properties compared to tile, marble, granite or Onyx. How so?

In short, as opposed to tile or slab material where you have a monolithic product, ours can be controlled in a number of ways to suit the intended purpose. A finished product will basically consist of 3 parts, the backing, i.e. Acrylic, the surface material - our proprietary RSV Real Stone Veneer® - and the surface treatment to make the stone appear course and shiny, course and flat, smooth or a variety of other ways. Aside from that our product can be literally any size and any shape, one, two or three dimensional (spherical).

So it may take a project or two to get somewhat familiar with the material and process. Our job is to help you with that!

We understand it is not always possible to put us in direct contact with a client however please consider this:

We have been working with this material for a long time.

Designers, Architects and Builders involving us in conjunction with their clients from the beginning of a project are substantially more successful in making a sale than their counterparts trying to make a "lone run" with a product/ material and technology that they are not quite familiar with (yet).

We have seen a number of times where Designers got themselves in a pickle by "imagining" certain results or effects that according to our experience will not or cannot happen.
As an example: Someone recommending our charcoal color veneer and use it with back lighting, promising for it to look like dark Onyx or whatever. This cannot happen due to the nature of the material. There are many other issues particularly with backlit projects where we can be an asset in your sales approach to the client. We will NEVER talk price with YOUR client.

So if we can assist by explaining details to your clients, please let us know! We can definitely help you to a positive turnout and ultimately a happy customer! It will cost you nothing and save you time. In many cases we even can make additional sales by giving people ideas.

We always will operate under the Architect/Designer/Builder guidelines!


Home Builders' Benefit, a value added product

As currently not a whole lot of Builders are incorporating backlit products in their homes the ones who do will have a definite advantage. Backlit items like panels, niches, cornices, ceiling portions will create that WOW effect with potential buyers that can make the difference.

Stone Veneer vs. Onyx

RSV Real Stone Veneer® vs Onyx

Onyx is a great material for sure. Its soothing warm glow emitted when backlit makes for a stimulating ambience in many applications.

RSV Real Stone Veneer® when backlit will create a similar appearance.

Both materials have their place in a number of higher end applications, neither of them will be a fit for every situation.

Here are some comparisons.

  yellow-onyx-vs-rsv yellow onyx
  RSV® Onyx
Warm yellowish glow when backlit Yes Yes
Choice of colors (with backlighting) Many One
Weight (incl. Acrylic) 1 to 2 lbs/ SF 10 to 12 lbs/ SF
Breakability (shattering) No Yes
Substrate complexity None to easy Involved to very involved
Necessary additional support None Depending on slab size
Workability Easy Hard
2-D flexible (small or large radius) Yes No
3-D flexible (small or large spherical) Yes No
Impact resistance High Low
Reparability/ Maintenance Easy Hard to impossible
Transport/ fragility None Considerable
Tooling requirements No machine tools Machine tools
Create stone inlay Yes No
Visible corner joints Minimal Visible
Cold appearance (non-backlit) Sandstone Onyx
Price for Substructure None Considerable
Price (project cost) around 30-40% of Onyx  

Where to start? Overview

So, you never have worked with our product . . .

here's how to get started

For Builders, Architects and Interior Designers

First off our proprietary material RSV Real Stone Veneer® cannot be compared to any other stone related materials as it has completely different properties. Some of them being 3-D flexibility, thickness (ultra thin), light weight, translucence, application methods, shaping, surface adaptations/ finishes and more. We do not sell the raw material.

In short, as opposed to tile or slab material which consists of a rigid, monolithic substance, ours can be controlled in a number of ways to suit the intended purpose.

The visible part of a finished product - the "Real Stone Veneer" part - consists of 3 elements:

The backing, i.e. Acrylic, glass, wood, metal, etc. which can be shaped any possible way from flat to wavy, spherical or anything else.

The surface material - our proprietary RSV Real Stone Veneer® - which can be laid out as desired. Seamless application, altering grain or stone inlay, etc. are no longer an issue.

The surface treatment which makes the stone appear course, glossy, flat or smooth. In order to make surfaces more impact resistant they can be improved by laminating them with glass, Acrylic, lami glass, etc. Laminated surfaces cannot be 2 or 3-dimensional.

All three components can be controlled individually before or during assembly and are cut, joined or applied with state-of-the-art computerized equipment.


After inital introduction to
Stone Veneer USA and
RSV Real Stone Veneer® Products
Read specs & see our galleries to decide whether this type of product is actually usable in your area of activity    
  If suitable for your clients

Order Display Unit for customer presentation (ESSENTIAL).
Purchase Price will be reimbursed with your first order.

This is the most powerful tool to impress your client, whoever that may be.

You feel the material and turn on the light and you know precisely what your finished project will look like.

Click on image for more detail and order

Start project
(Your Client inquiry)

Initial client meeting amongst all your chores determine whether our Products may be suitable.

Showing our Display Unit will trigger all kinds of thoughts with your clients and demonstrate that your level of service and competence is superior.

If there is intent to use our product, describe the project to us as early as possible. Send us sketches, specs; give us info whether the client is open to other ideas, also let us know the approx. budget (so we have an idea whether the client is looking for a Chevette or a Bentley), projects can be pretty simple or very complex, our goal is to stay within the stated budget parameters.
  Upon receiving your specs,  we provide info on how to handle the next steps and what to watch out for, advise you of technical aspects and possible idea changes necessary, pricing options, budget numbers and problem areas like future maintenance, etc.    
Finalize project outline Send us agreed upon project specs, change orders, final specs, requirements, tech details, your markup requirements, timeline, etc. Also please let us know who to direct the quote to (you or your client)  
You will receive a Quote within 2 business days Acceptance of quote by you/ your client & signed order with down payment, PO

Feedback to you with lead time.
Remember: estimated lead times depend on orders initiated.

Start of Production You will receive login credentials in order to follow the production process 24/7 online, incl. images    
  Prior to final shipment we email detailed images or videos of all project parts to you, most of the time incl. functionality    
  Final payment prior to shipment    
  Shipment to include all project parts + installation instructions    
Site installation by Contractor/ Designer crew. On larger projects we can supervise. We provide Technical Support by phone or Skype if & as needed Final installation typically is pretty simple and straight forward.  


Why Ambiance in a Restaurant is so Important

Aside from the most important component "Food Quality" much is about looks and presentation.      
  This is true for plating, table setting and general appearance of the Restaurant.    
 As we do "eat with our eyes" as well, the ambiance of a restaurant will determine whether a patron sees the establishment as a pure "feeding place" or a more refined venue where to enjoy a special meal.     The restaurant owner of course will decide which of both is more appropriate for his/her venue and location.
  In this article we focus on general appearance.   If the owner/ operator desires to provide a more sophisticated food experience for his patrons (s)he will want to enhance the dining environment to stimulate the patron visually.
Our backlit stone veneer products are ideal to create warm, unique and memorable effects in many ways.   New project or existing Restaurant, our neutral designs can be applied anytime.  
 Columns  Entry Designs  Bar Tops  Ceilings
tropical designs restaurant illuminated columns tropical designs restaurant outside01 tropical designs backlit bar03 tropical designs restaurant ceiling01
    Visual stimulation is often times underestimated.  

"Proof is in the pudding"  as they say. Owners in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Biloxi, etc. go through great lengths to make their Restaurant UNIQUE, particularly in terms of lighting and lit objects. So do cruise lines by the way. All for the sake of competition.

It is a fact that people are always attracted to unique lighting effects.   Can the ambiance of a Restaurant be changed/ improved and how?
Absolutely! Any time and with less cost and effort than you might think. Many items can be installed right out of the box, no trades needed.
  Our product can be installed inside and out, wet or dry, hot or cold.   Just plug it in and instantly create a spectacular effect - inside or out -that patrons will remember and associate with your restaurant.
       Check our Gallery here . . .
  Out-of-the-box, semi custom or custom, we do it all.