ComboRokk™ Firebox Cover

 Not sold in stores!

Our newest development is a 3 in 1 multi-purpose design element whereas ONE AND THE SAME PIECE can be used as:

 Cover for ANY size firebox of any fireplace,




Note: This is not painted, it's actually Stone Inlay work!

 Stunning Wall art (when not in use with a fireplace)




This is just one design of thousands possible





Table base (i.e. as a wall or corner table)





O.k. so you use a fireplace a few months of the year, great. What happens or better what are you looking at for the rest of the year? 



What about turning this black hole into a GORGEOUS DESIGN ELEMENT?
  Now you can cover the firebox opening with a lightweight (less than 15 lbs) REAL STONE VENEER® décor that is custom made to fit any fireplace design, rectangular, arched or however odd shaped, it doesn't matter.   
Running out of unique GIFT IDEAS? Here is the answer, as unique and personal as it can get!  
Our fireplace covers make for a stunning unique gift that will be looked at every single day and remind the recipient of the friend or family member who gave this present. 

Order your Gift Certificate here.
We take care of the rest - shipment to the recipient and getting the dimensions from him/her, etc.

We also send a gift card to the recipient with an image.


Basic Fireplace cover: Call for Quote

Up to size 36" wide, 31" high; rectangular, no Inlay Design; Real Stone Veneer over Polyvinyl plate; thickness approx. 1/2"

Hardware included to attach the ComboRokk™ Fireplace Cover.

Custom cut to fit your fireplace opening - included

Have a larger fireplace? Please ask for quote


  It gets even better! Here are the options that no one else can offer:   
Backlit Fireplace Cover: Call for Quote


Up to size 36" wide, 31" high; rectangular, no Inlay Design; Real Stone Veneer over Acrylic plate and Polyvinyl back; thickness approx. 3",

Custom cut to fit your fireplace opening - included

Lightsource: LED low voltage - included

RGB LED's (optional) This feature comes with a 40+ button programmable remote to let you change colors & effects at you heart's desire. Favorites are yellow and white.

All parts included, transformer, wiring, hardware to attach the ComboRokk™ Fireplace Cover.

Have a larger fireplace? Please ask for quote

Price depending on complexity

Custom Stone Inlay Design

Create your own design from shapes like waves, squares, circles to characters, initials, even a Texas State outline or star or whatever else you can dream up.


See example on top


Hardware to hang ComboRokk™

During winter or times when you will use your fireplace, you can "convert" your fireplace cover into an extraordinary backlit wall ornament or wall art by simply hanging it like you would any other picture.

Hardware included with every unit to hang the piece on a wall - same as a picture

Table Coversion Kit

Using this kit you can easily convert the ComboRokk™ Fireplace Cover to a side table or pedestal of sorts with a backlit base.

Tabletop not included
it can be glass or other material of your choice.

If you like a matching backlit table top we can do that as well. Please ask for quote.

How to order

As there are many different firebox/ fireplace sizes, shapes and design choices, please contact us.

We will then send you a worksheet to get your specifics.

Upon return of your specifications we will send you a quote and if accepted, fabricate the piece for you within 3 weeks (as per current work load, this number may change)





Hostess Desk


Backlit Stone Hostess (Concierge - Valet) Desk for Hospitality Venues.



It's Stone Veneer not solid rock, so it's also not all that heavy. The mobile (cordless) version comes with retractable rollers and heavy duty battery so you can easily move it to any part of your venue. 


Rectangular Footprint
Dimensions: Width 30", Depth: 22", Height: 40"

The basic unit comes with backlit front panel (LED Lighting), 2 shelves and is stationary. An 8 ft. cord will supply power and requires a 115V outlet.



Call for Quote

Rounded U-shaped Footprint 
Dimensions: Width 34", Depth: 24", Height: 40"

Only available with backlit stone all around (except back). Including LED Lighting, 2 shelves. Unit is stationary. An 8 ft. cord will supply power and requires a 115V outlet.



Call for Quote



Make it mobile!
A) Retractable rollers and battery with charger will make the unit mobile. Battery will last approx. one month. Charge indicator in work surface will show when unit needs charging which will take about 4 to 6 hrs. 



B) LED lighting in work area. Recommended for dark working conditions.    
C) Backlit Stone side panels. 


D) Lockable cabinet door, nice to have for storing pagers. 


E) Outdoor capability (water resistant)


Units will be completely assembled and be shipped in a crate.

Custom sizes upon request. Other customizations like RGB LED's (various colors), logos, stone inlay work available

How to order

As there are a number of design options and possible customizations, please contact us here.

We will then email you a worksheet to get your specifics.

Current lead time: 9 to 12 weeks



Backlit Stone Wine Rack



Backlit Stone Wine Rack

Backlit Stone on Acrylic,
Dimensions:Width: 20", Height: 28", Depth: 11"
Weight: 30 lbs.
Light source: Warm White LED
Transformer/ AC Adapter, 6ft. cord included.
Price: Call for Quote

We can fabricate ANY shape ANY size! If you like this piece to be 10 ft. x 10 ft., NO problem.    

Backlit Stone Wall Insert

Our Products are designed to install very easily. Here is an example:    

Wall Insert WP16
Outside Dimensions:
15" wide x 20" high x 1/4" thick surface for flush mount,

Box Dimensions:
13" high x 18" wide x 2" deep

White LED's
3 ft. Cord with plug

Custom sizes available; see more dimensions below.



Cut out drywall using the included template. Be careful not to cut into plumbing or wiring. If you are not sure, cut out a small portiion first and check what's behind  backlit-stone-wall-insert-2 backlit-stone-wall-insert-3 
Connect wiring  backlit-stone-wall-insert-4  
Slide in the Insert. This installation takes less than 20 minutes.  backlit-stone-wall-insert-5  backlit-stone-wall-insert-6
Wall Inserts come in various sizes, all of them to fit between regular stud spacing of 16, 20 or 24 O.C. backlit-stone-wall-insert  

Sizes & Prices

Outside Dim W: 15", H: 6", D: 1/4"; Box Dim W: 13", H 4", D: 2"
Outside Dim W: 15", H: 12", D: 1/4"; Box Dim W: 13", H 10", D: 2"
Outside Dim W: 15", H: 20", D: 1/4"; Box Dim W: 13", H 18", D: 2"
Outside Dim W: 19", H: 6", D: 1/4"; Box Dim W: 17", H 4", D: 2"
Outside Dim W: 19", H: 12", D: 1/4"; Box Dim W: 17", H 10", D: 2"
Outside Dim W: 19", H: 20", D: 1/4"; Box Dim W: 17", H 18", D: 2"
Outside Dim W: 23", H: 6", D: 1/4"; Box Dim W: 20", H 4", D: 2"
Outside Dim W: 23", H: 12", D: 1/4"; Box Dim W: 21", H 10", D: 2"
Outside Dim W: 23", H: 24", D: 1/4"; Box Dim W: 21", H 22", D: 2"


WP16-1506; Stud: 16 O.C.
WP16-1512; Stud: 16 O.C.
WP16-1520; Stud: 16 O.C.
WP20-1906; Stud: 20 O.C.
WP20-1912; Stud: 20 O.C.
WP20-1920; Stud: 20 O.C.
WP24-2306; Stud: 24 O.C.
WP24-2312; Stud: 24 O.C.
WP24-2324; Stud: 24 O.C.

Call for Quote

All of our products are individually handcrafted, most of them are custom.

They are not available in stores.

All Custom products as shown in the galleries are made from scratch and can be replicated using different specifications.

We have some Semi-Custom Products (as shown here), whereas certain parts of the product have already been pre-fabricated, the final product can then be assembled to customer specifications (size). They can be completed faster.


Add Soothing Warm Ambience to your Home Inside or Out.

The veining and grain of natural stone accentuated by backlighting can only be displayed by a few materials.

Our proprietary RSV Real Stone Veneer® is one of them. It has a number of advantages over the similar looking Onyx, comparison of which you can see here.

We have been working with this material for the past 10 years and accumulated a significant amount of knowledge which  translates into products that will excite any connoisseur.

Backlit Planters

stone veneer planters

Light up your backyard or pool area with this backlit stone planter. Lights on or off they are true show stoppers.

Place them in your front yard and add a special note to your property.

Dimensions: Diameter24", Height: 19" (depicted)

Lighting: Low Voltage LED's optional: RGB LED's (to choose many different colors via remote)

Hook up to drip system and use live plants or stock with silk plants.

Call for Quote

Cannot be done with Onyx











LiteRokk™ Box

stone veneer wall art

LiteRokk™ Box

Use them to create accents on walls inside or out. Choose different sizes or the same, to create a pattern of your liking. Due to its light weight they also can be used as floating ceilings.


Place one in your shower stall (back wall) and enjoy the warm soothing light while relaxing.


Create focal points in commercial settings (around entries, windows, facades, reception areas, etc.)

Available in different shapes, thickness and sizes: curved, arched, beveled, round

Panel as depicted:
Dimensions: Width: 24" Height: 24" Depth: 4"
Lighting: Low Voltage LED's optional: RGB LED's to choose many different colors  or make it look like yellow or white Onyx via remote control.

Call for Quote







stone veneer pedestal on Pedestal

Use indoors or as garden accent, place a statue on it or flower pots.

Natural stone and lighting are a wonderful combination.

We can fabricate pedestal in any size, embelish them with wood, brass or bamboo to create a fabulous conversation piece.

Depicted:Pedestal with Bamboo trim

Dimensions: Width: 18", Height: 12", Length:14"

Weight: 17 lbs.

Comes with power saver 9W bulb 115V and 6 foot cord.

Call for Quote

stone veneer pedestal off  



LiteRokk™ Panel


In this setting LiteRokk™ Panels were used as a backlit feature on the back wall and as a backlit feature with partial indirect lighting on the bar front.

Any number of effects can be achieved in residential or commercial settings.

Lighting can be pre-existing or we incorporate as needed.

Contrary to LiteRokk™ Boxes which have greater depth, LiteRokk™ Panels are typically 1/8 to 1/4 inch thick with a laminated 1/2 inch border to make them appear as approx. 3/4 inch thick material.

Light sources can be T5, T8, LED or RGB LED


Panel depicted: Dimension: Width: 14" Height 30" Depth 3/4"; Call for Quote; Lighting not included




onyx-look-lite-rock-panel-400px onyx-look-storefront-macao-400px


Stacked panels with anodized spacers and T5 lighting behind spacers Large panels are 8 x 8 feet. Huge advantage at time of installation due to considerable weight difference compared to Onyx. LiteRokk™ Panels are flexible and can be applied to curved surfaces. Stone veneer on large center panel was joined seamlessly to make it appear as ONE piece.

Wall Art

stone veneer trilevel off

Tri-Level Wall Art

This decorative piece will definitely attract attention.

It can be installed right out of the box.

Make it look like yellow or white Onyx or choose any other color via remote control.

RGB LED's make it possible.

From now on Stone can be viewed in a different light, literally!

Dimensions: Width: 24"; Height: 24", Depth: 9"

Lighting, Controller, AC Adapter & 40+ button remote control included

Call for Quote


We can fabricate wall art like this ANY size, ANY shape, backlit or not!

With a click on your remote you can make it look like White or Yellow Onyx, or any other color you like.
 stone veneer trilevel off180  stone veneer trilevel wht180

stone veneer tri level wall art-300px

stone veneer trilevel col300
  One-Color Mode White
Alternating Color Mode  One-Color Mode Yellow

TV Surround

stone veneer tv surround

Our new concept to incorporate otherwise unsightly flat panel TV's in an aesthetic setting that is practical as well.

It eliminates the placement of commonly used TV stands. Components and media storage can be incorporated. This concept offers a host of design possibilities for transitional, classic or contemporary environments.

The surround is attached to the wall (studs). TV can be placed on it by using its OEM base bracket or if hung from the surround by our easy-to-attach hanging bracket.

Depicted Surround
TV size: 50"
Width: 60" Height: 45" Depth: 15" with component shelf
Light source: LED dimmable

Call for Quote

Let us design your TV surround

Niche Panels

stone veneer fireplace panel

Embelish any niche by adding a Stone Veneer Panel, backlit or not..

Just forward the dimensions to us or send us a paper template and we will fabricate your custom niche panels.

As every niche is different, please contact us for a quote.

Note: This panel does not show seams.

We can fabricate any size panel seamlessly, so it appears to be one solid slab of rock.

Guideline: This panel was under $700.

stone-veneer-0003 stone-veneer-0058


stone veneer 0022
Standard Niche Panel, no backlighting Arched Niche with backlit panel also utilizing indirect lighting LiteRokk™ Panel with wrought iron art Commercial application of LiteRokk™ Panel
stone veneer niche plain      

Backlit Wall Ornament

stone veneer hotel room

Built-in Backlit Wall Features

These types of designs may involve a little construction work like cutting out a wall portion and add wiring to support the lighting if it needs to be recessed.

Wall mounted features (without involving construction) can be designed as well

The easy part:

We can design and fabricate a wall feature as shown in ONE piece.

In case of recessed installation it will just pop into the cut-out and be secured with a few screws, easy as 1-2-3.

We gladly will assist in designing a feature whether classic, contemporary or transitional.

Backlit Columns

stone veneer backlit columns

Available as square, rectangular, round, half or full columns up to 24 feet tall.

All columns come with base and cap, shorter ones (up to 10 feet) are easy to install.

Light source can be T8, T5, LED or RGB LED

RGB LED's are controlled with remote and can show a variety of colors including the popular white and yellow Onyx.

Great eye catcher in a multitude of residential or commercial settings.

Natural stone combined with backlighting makes for awesome focal points.

Stone inlays (patterns, logos, characters) can be incorporated as well (not possible with any other stone material!)

Column as shown:
Dimensions: 12" x 12" x 36"
Base Material: 1/4" Acrylic
Light Source: LED

Call for Quote

All hardware, Lighting components, base and cap included




stone-veneer-0007 stone veneer 0030 stone veneer 0031a stone-veneer-0023
Column/ shelf with media storgae and built-in speakers Commercial application Outdoor Column that can withstand weathering. original columns were different materials, Using RSV now they look all the same.



Ceiling Panels

stone veneer ceiling panels

Due to their light weight LiteRokk™ Panels can be used in drop down ceilings.

Replace standard Polystyrene panels or frosted light panels in seconds and create a warm soothing ambiance.

Change all or a few to create a pattern of your liking.

Call for Quote

Table Accents

stone veneer table light on offPyramid Table Accent

originally designed for Restaurants as center piece for catering events.

Take this cordless table light to your gazebo, patio or anywhere else.

Battery powered LED's will keep this light on for more than 80 hours.

Rechargeable batteries included.

Width: 7", Height: 17", Length: 12"Weight: 4 lbs

Call for Quote

Custom Backlit Shapes

stone veneer texas 600  

stone veneer texas-b600











Texas Rock

Backlit Stone on Acrylic,
Dimensions:Width: 24", Height: 25",
Weight: 4 lbs. only!
Light source: LED (RGB LED's - multiple colors -optional),
Transformer/ AC Adapter, 6ft. cord included.
EASY INSTALL like any picture (ONE screw!), indoor use only (outdoor optional)
Call for Quote

We can fabricate ANY shape ANY size! If you like this piece to be 10 ft. x 10 ft., NO problem.    
    Incorporate a clock, a business logo, a street number. Place this shape on a larger background backlit or not or have us adapt it for outdoor use. 
RGB LED Version (indoor use) allows you to control a host of colors via 40+ button programmable remote control. Call for Quote    
    Show the love for your favorite sports team or state or ??
Use it in business, on a patio or in other residential settings.

Furniture & Bar Tops

stone veneer bar top

A backlit Bar Top whether in a commercial or residential setting will always be an impressive center piece grabbing peoples attention.

Natural stone radiates warmth and soothing comfort. and lends itself to an extremely pleasant ambience.

To achieve a smooth surface, heat and impact resistance on kitchen counters, we use a process to laminate tempered glass to the stone veneer.

Common uses: Bars, Tables, Side Tables, Buffets, Kitchen Counters and more.

Please Call for Quote.