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Eye catching designs will be remembered by your patrons. Ask the folks in Las Vegas why every venue tries to come up with another new show stopper! Patrons will associate these show stopping designs - if you have one - with your Restaurant. So if your marketing strategy calls for such a design, we are here to help and that is for new Restaurants as well as remodels or improvement of existing ones.

RSV Real Stone Veneer® is flexible, light weight, translucent and allows the creation of incredible designs not possible with any other material. As an example just imagine characters, numbers or your logo as a backlit stone inlay at your entry, bar, foyer, etc.

We fabricate off-the-shelf designs or create your custom piece, small or large, interior or exterior, backlit or not.

Hotel Foyers, Entries, Breakfast Areas, Bars, Reception Areas , etc. with an eye catching focal point will be remembered by your guests and be associated with your brand. Just see remarks of travellers on the international travel websites. As for restaurants most of our Hotel Designs - backlit or not -  can be easily installed in new or existing venues. As opposed to onyx, tile, marble, etc. repairs are easy as 1-2-3 by simply applying patches.

RSV Real Stone Veneer® allows us to create a stunning custom piece for you or you may just buy a Plug & Play piece that you can quickly install out-of-the-box, light source included.

Either way you will get lots of "wow's" from your customers.

Blue, Green, red . . . Using RGB LED's colors can be changed at will if so desired.