Sample Explanation

First off, we understand and respect corporate philosophies.

We also know from experience that some companies - small or large - are purchasing displays others don't.
Experience is also that the ones who have a display will sell product and generate revenues the others don't.

Key word is Display, our "samples" are incomparable to other material like tile, marble, etc., they are full blown functional displays with lighting, power adapters, controllers, etc. etc., production cost of which are much higher than a tile or piece of stone.

Here's a thought for companies insisting on their philosophy:

So you have a 20/ 50/100k job and with our product potentially can save half or more but will not spend a minimal amount for a sample/ display. Penny wise and pound foolish springs to mind.

Deliver a visual punch to your clients!

with our new

Modular Stone Display Set

It is portable and will best demonstrate what a finished product will look like.

We provide them under cost.

The respective purchase price will be reimbursed with your first order, so actually it is FREE.

We do not provide swatches or samples! Why? They will not do anything for you and even less for your client if not coordinated with proper lighting.


Modular Stone Display Set


Color A-11

Deliver a visual punch with this display

and show different types of stone using various color temperatures (bright white, cool white, warm white, etc.)

As we will add different stone types and colors you can add them to this modular system.

You will be able to reproduce any stone color shown in our Color Section.


Purchase Price will be reimbursed with your first order larger than $1,000

 Sorry, we do not provide free swatches or samples. Individual stone plates only available with purchase of Base Unit.


Base Unit (incl. LED's, AC Adapter, Controller, Remote Control)

* Included Stone Plate (pick one):

Additional Stone Plates:


backlit-stone-display-unit-A06-6kColor A-06


Color A-12



Regular vs. Smooth Finish (Epoxy) both will produce the same look when backlit.

  • Dimensions: Length: 10", Width: 10" , Depth: 4".
  • Light source: NEW! Variable White LED's (color temperature changing); RGB optional
  • Power supply and remote included
  • Container: 16GA Steel
  • Weight: 9lb.