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A "New Spectrum" of design options never thought to be possible


The Raw Material

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 A Finished Product


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Only your imagination is the limit . . .

  To show why products created with RSV Real Stone Veneer® our surface material are much more versatile than rigid materials like Onyx or other crystalline products we have listed some characteristics below.
The big Difference 

First off the material cannot be compared to any other stone related materials as it has completely different properties.
Some of them being 3-D flexibility, thickness (ultra thin), light weight, translucence, application methods, surface adaptations/ finishes and more.

In short, as opposed to tile or slab material where you have a rigid, monolithic product, ours can be controlled in a number of ways to suit the intended purpose.

The visible part of a finished product will basically consist of 3 elements:

The backing, i.e. Acrylic, glass, wood, metal, etc. which can be shaped any possible way from flat to wavy, spherical or anything else.

The surface material - our proprietary RSV Real Stone Veneer® - which can be laid out as desired. Seamless application, altering grain or stone inlay, etc. are no longer an issue.

The surface treatment which makes the stone appear course, glossy, flat or smooth. In order to make surfaces more impact resistant they can be improved by laminating them with glass, Acrylic, lami glass, etc. Laminated surfaces cannot be 2 or 3-dimensional.

All three components can be controlled individually before or during assembly and are cut,  joined or applied with state-of-the-art computerized equipment.


RSV Real Stone Veneer® can be applied to virtually any surface.

It has been applied to concrete, drywall, glass, Acrylic, PVC, Polycarbonate, foam board, EPS, fiberglass, wood and metal in hot and cold climate zones inside and out.


Most common clear materials like glass, Acrylic, Polycarbonate, PVC will be sufficient to support the translucence of the material. Thickness of the substrate materials largely depends on the application. For Wall Art, Niche Panels, Stair Risers, Floating ceilings, etc. 1/8 to 1/4" material may be sufficient, flooring applications in excess of 1" to give a few examples.


Generally the sandstone will be pressure treated with sealers in order to provide a durable water tight surface.
In order to achieve smooth surfaces we can add Epoxy coating. Caution: In this case we do not recommend continuous exposure to sunlight as UV often times reacts with Epoxies and may turn them amber.
Special circumstances like sun exposure, potential impact situations, heavy uses or decor issues may require lamination of Acrylic, glass or lami glass to the surface (front) of the material. This also will create an absolutely smooth surface that can be backlit (Tables, Bar Tops, Floors, etc.)


Regular Surface vs. Smooth Surface (Epoxy)

Flexibility Unlike ANY other stone material RSV Real Stone Veneer® can be applied to any shape one, two or three dimensional.




3-D Example

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stone veneer display multicolorIt can be installed with or without seams, which again is not possible with other stone or tile material. Generally the achieved look is that of massive stone blocks or carved stone. All this for a fraction of the cost & weight of real stone.

Please note: As this is natural material, color and vein variations as well as natural imperfections may occur, which gives the material its character. Click for Colors

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Unique "special effects" can be achieved by back lighting i.e. walls, columns, floors, pedestals, stairs, counter tops, ceilings, large cornices, soffits, niches, bars, tables, or other structural or design elements. This is the biggest advantage of the material. Typical light sources are fluorescent or LED.

Architects, Builders, Designers who want to see, touch and feel a real application should consider ordering our Display Unit (click here to view).

Major benefit is the ability to show clients "the real thing" not just a picture. We have been told many times that this unit triggered all kinds of ideas with Professionals and Clients alike leading to additional sales that were not planned before.

We do not provide material samples.

Durability Projects using this material have been installed in the US, Europe as well as the ME, AU and Asia. It is weather resistant. After all it came from sediment layers that are millions of years old.
Customization There are almost no limitations to size, shape, substrate or areas of use, so you can get as creative as you like!
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Shipping Generally, shipments contain ALL parts necessary to complete a backlit project successfully. They include finished surface material, light source, controllers, adapters, wiring, fasteners, etc. plus installation instructions.
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