Wall Art

stone veneer trilevel off

Tri-Level Wall Art

This decorative piece will definitely attract attention.

It can be installed right out of the box.

Make it look like yellow or white Onyx or choose any other color via remote control.

RGB LED's make it possible.

From now on Stone can be viewed in a different light, literally!

Dimensions: Width: 24"; Height: 24", Depth: 9"

Lighting, Controller, AC Adapter & 40+ button remote control included

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We can fabricate wall art like this ANY size, ANY shape, backlit or not!

With a click on your remote you can make it look like White or Yellow Onyx, or any other color you like.
 stone veneer trilevel off180  stone veneer trilevel wht180

stone veneer tri level wall art-300px

stone veneer trilevel col300
  One-Color Mode White
Alternating Color Mode  One-Color Mode Yellow